Here’s The New (And Final) Trailer For “Stranger Things” Season Two

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Sound the alarms! After teasing us with a short video of episode names earlier this month, “Stranger Things” has FINALLY released the newest trailer for season two, and I am SHOOK.

The new season will hit Netflix on October 27, but this trailer is making the waiting game even harder. In the trailer, we get a very interesting look our girl, Eleven, and we see what appears to be all of the kids heading into the Upside Down, likely in search of Elle. The biggest takeaway though is that something is definitely seriously wrong with Will Byers.

At the very end of season one, we see Will reunite with his family, but we can tell something is still off– especially when he coughs slime up into the sink. But I mean, who wouldn’t be screwed up after spending weeks trapped in the Upside Down, trapped in monster goo and surrounded by slugs trying to crawl into your mouth (sorry, Barb).

People, including myself, have been (not so) patiently waiting for this trailer to be released, because it’s the only thing we have to we have to fill the Eggo-shaped hole that’s been in our hearts since season one came to an end. With that in mind, the launch of the trailer has the Internet going nuts.