People Are Saying Calvin Harris’ “My Way” Music Video Is All About Taylor Swift

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It’s no secret that Calvin Harris has been killing it with the singles this year.

First, he released the incredibly successful “How Deep Is Your Love,” then he introduced us to the epic “This Is What You Came For” collaboration with Rihanna, then he released his ’90s-esque “Hype” and now, he’s gifted the world with yet another new single called “My Way” — which may or may not be a diss to ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift.

Most people are saying it is.

Well, now Calvin has released a music video for the song and, you guessed it, a lot of people are saying it’s all about Taylor.

In the video, Calvin and his girlfriend (who he has in virtual reality) are in the midst of a breakup — and honestly, the girl in question does seem a lot like Taylor.

From the girl’s red and white polka dotted dress, to the “Bad Blood”-esque outfits, to the obvious nods to Taylor’s “Blank Space” and “Bad Blood” videos, it seems pretty likely that Calvin at least had Taylor in mind when creating the video.

I don’t know though, what do you think?