Courtroom Sketch Artist Did a Real Number on Taylor Swift

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A few years ago, Tom Brady got the bad, bad end of a courtroom sketch artist. The boy wonder was turned into an unrecognizable troll from an off-brand Disney movie. Taylor Swift didn’t get it quite that bad, but it’s pretty bad.

Currently, Swift is in a Denver courtroom while the trial for her 2013 sexual assault lawsuit against David Mueller is taking places. Cameras aren’t allowed in the courtroom, but they should be, because I’m not sure Swift is actually there?!

Who is this?

Swift could be Eva Mendes’ sister. Or a weird version of “Cinderella.” Maybe she got weird eyebrows while in hiding the past few months? Have we always assumed Swift was tall and lanky when in reality her head is more like that of a middle linebacker for a decent NFL team?

Is Peyton Manning her lawyer? What in the actual hell is she looking at? Can she even see?

Don’t worry, the artist knows all about Instagram filters? Maybe before today the artist had never even see Swift?