Taylor Swift Eats Hamburgers When She’s Sad (Just Like The Rest of Us)

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In reality, not that many people have been nominated for Album of the Year at the GRAMMY Awards, so the feeling of losing at something like that is probably hard to relate to, but we’ve all been sad and disappointed. During a recent candid interview about the making of 1989, Taylor Swift shared how the album got made from start-to-finish and it all started with feeling pretty sad and disappointed.

After her 2012 release, Red, lost Album of the Year at the GRAMMY Awards, Swift did what anyone would do– analyze how to handle the heartbreak and then decide to eat burgers. Lots of them.

That year Swift didn’t just miss out on the coveted Album of the Year category. The 2014 GRAMMY Awards was the stage for Kacey Musgraves‘ breakout as she took home the awards for Best Country Song and Best Country album.

Image Source: Instagram