Taylor Swift Drops “Gorgeous,” an Ultra, Sugary Sweet Millenial Love Letter to Boyfriend Joe Alwyn

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Taylor Swift‘s “Gorgeous” is track 8 off her upcoming reputation album and it’s a romantic ode to someone with ocean blue eyes who is so gorgeous Swift can’t even say anything to his face. Swift’s album is due out November 10 and her reps confirmed in May that she is in fact dating actor Joe Alwyn, who happens to have ocean blue eyes (or blue eyes) and is not ugly.

Swift recounts the first time she met this blue-eyed human with a magnetic field that’s a little too strong, while drinking whiskey on ice at the corner of Sunset and Vine.

The track is super synthy and poppy and much lighter than the previous releases, “…Ready For It?” and “Look What You Made Me Do.” At times, the lyrics are almost dopey as Swift sings about this gorgeous man. Which means one thing– Old Taylor is once again, not dead.

Each track release has been a departure from any of Swift’s previous work but each release is also a progression back to the lighter, happier Swift. And yes, there’s a cat reference in the bridge. Classic Old Taylor.

“Gorgeous Lyrics”