Judge Sanctions Former DJ in Taylor Swift Groping Case for Destroying Evidence


Taylor Swift’s case against a former radio DJ in Denver is ongoing, but US District Judge William Martinez has sanctioned the DJ for destroying multiple electronic devices containing key evidence in the case, according to the Denver Post.

In 2015, David “Jackson” Mueller sued Swift saying she falsely accused him of lifting her skirt and groping her before a concert in 2013. In turn, Swift countersued Mueller stating that he waited too long to file his suit and that, “Mueller did not merely brush his hand against Ms. Swift while posing for the photograph: he lifted her skirt and groped her.”

There is a photo of the incident, but the judge sealed it on the basis that “widespread media dissemination of this image might significantly complicate jury selection.

Mueller’s original suit came because he was fired from KYGO and banned from Swift concerts for life based on false allegations.

Mueller allegedly destroyed four devices that contained an audio recording of an interview with his boss the day before he was fired. Mueller has admitted to destroying or losing the cellular phone, laptop, iPad and computer for a variety of reasons and has acknowledged that the recording in question is important to the case.

You can view the entire ruling here.

Lauren Cowling
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