Taylor Swift and AT&T Partner for ‘Taylor Swift NOW,’ But What Is It?

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As previously announced, Taylor Swift has signed a “major, exclusive multi-year, multi-faceted deal” with AT&T. When the signing was originally announced, fans learned that Taylor would headline the DIRECTV Super Saturday Night before the Super Bowl in Houston and that was just the first of “many opportunities AT&T and Taylor Swift will team up for in the coming months.”

Now, AT&T has revealed that one of the many opportunities is Taylor Swift NOW , which seems to be several different things:

  1. “a video experience created exclusively by AT&T and Taylor”
  2. “unique videos, concert performances, behind-the-scenes footage and more from the Taylor Swift archives”
  3. “special glimpses into Taylor’s life and work spanning her entire career”
  4. “original content with commentary from Taylor herself”
AT&T has promised that Taylor Swift NOW will be updated regularly and is exclusively available to AT&T customers. So, what is it? A channel? A social media platform? A streaming service?
Is this just like Netflix, but only Taylor Swift?
Is Taylor Swift On Demand?
Will there be a Taylor Swift hologram in my living room to help create the video experience?
If AT&T is paying Taylor for “special glimpses” into Taylor’s life and work, does this mean she won’t be posting on Instagram for free? AT&T better have special glimpses into the lives of Taylor’s cats or I don’t want it.
Actually, there’s an idea– Taylor Swift Cat Cam Now.