Is Taylor Swift Naked in Her Video Teaser for “…Ready For It?”


Taylor Swift’s reputation is just a couple of weeks out from an official drop and the media onslaught might be beginning.

Taylor‘s most recent teaser is for her tune, “…Ready For It” and it appears, that maybe, finally, Old Taylor might actually be dead, because New Taylor is… naked in the video? Or something dangerously close to naked?

Typically, Old Taylor is fully covered at all times, so this would be an interesting twist in the saga of Old Taylor’s death.

Also, this could be a weird mix between “Avatar” meets “Twilight” meets bad ’80s sci-fi movie on TBS? First, Taylor is covered in a black cloak, then gets all nakey in a supernatural way while battling mystical creatures. But, not unicorns. Like, computers or something.

Am I ready for this, Taylor? No, no I am not.

“…Ready For It” was the second release from Taylor’s new album and has been featuring on ESPN and ABC during college football season, which is almost as weird as the video teaser. And they definitely won’t be showing these images on the side of an UPS truck anytime soon.

reputation is out on November 10.

Lauren Cowling
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