Taylor Swift’s End of Year Video Brings Tears (and Many Other Emotions)

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Say what you want about Taylor Swift— you don’t like her music, she’s not country, she dates too much— whatever it is, you cannot deny her spirit. For a 25-year-old, Swift has a lot. And for a 25-year-old, Swift gives a lot. A lot. Sometimes, it’s documented, sometimes it’s not.

Fortunately, for us, she created a short film featuring herself as Santa, but focusing on her fans and the gifts she personally picked out for many of them.

She did the shopping herself, wrapped them and even wrote them notes. I doubt she went to the FedEx store or anything (because there’s nothing worse than trying to ship a package during the Holidays), but she sure did a lot for some of these fans and the results were pretty incredible.

Image Source: YouTube