That Time Taylor Swift Changed Clothes 21 Times in Less Than 4 Minutes

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We were already impressed with 12 outfit changes Carrie Underwood made during the 48th Annual CMA Awards show. Until Taylor Swift released her latest video, “Blank Space” from 1989Wait, 21 changes in less than 4 minutes? That’s impressive. Even more impressive? Each outfit is simply stunning!

Breakfast in bed always calls for black lace and a matching sheer robe. Just don’t forget your fingerless gloves. And your cat. That cat gets more screen time than most actors in Hollywood.

At first we weren’t sure if she were headed downstairs in her fancy PJs, but soon realized it was a instead a dress.

We know we like to drink champagne in our fancy dining hall in a beaded gown. Don’t you?

Back to her favorite, high waisted shorts and a crop top. This outfit is perfect for riding your bicycle in your living room.

The life of this couple! After bike riding, it’s time for waltzing in the ballroom. In a ball gown.

A seemingly mature Taylor is all dressed up in a conservative suit while painting a portrait of her beau. Doesn’t everyone wear a wool suit while using oil paints?

Another black gown to wear while walking the stately dogs with the stately man outside the stately mansion. The last time I walked my dogs I was wearing slippers and sweat pants I found in my freshman dorm room.

Finally! Something we can relate to! Taylor on a horse, with riding boots!

We love the floral gown she chose to wear while frolicking in the garden. Get it? Floral, garden?

A throw back to the ’50s, this sweet dress makes her appear so innocent. But, this is also when she turns on the full-tilt crazy.

Another nod to the ’50s (and another animal!) We see Taylor in a cute, pastel number with her favorite high-waisted shorts.

Retro sunglasses paired with a retro dress.

A simple white frock is the perfect thing to wear while gazing lovingly at your man. Or to throw a burning shirt off the balcony. You choose

Wow. Here we go.

Another sweet animal is present while Taylor writhes on the floor dressed in leopard. Also, the new rage in home decor? A REAL, LIVE DEER. 

Back to a cherry red print halter top and shorts, probably to match her cherry red lips.

A blood red gown seems like the most appropriate thing to wear while mutilating portraits of an ex.

Mean girl! Who wears a lavender dress while crafting a shirt?

Remember the white dress and throwing a burning shirt off the balcony reference? Yep, same dress.

She’s back in black.

We may be wrong, but this doesn’t seem to be the appropriate golfing attire.

Because every girl sings on the back of a horse after a break up.

Maybe she should consider just removing the initials rather than chopping the tree down?

This isn’t really considered an outfit change, but we love that she added an accessory (feather boa) while being all crazy on her ex.

So there ya have it. The 1 time Taylor Swift changed clothes 21 times in less than 4 minutes.


Image Source: YouTube