“The Chew” Hosts Shared What They Would Choose For Their Last Meal and Clinton Chose a Giant Bowl of Apple Jacks

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If you’re weird like me, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about what your last meal would be if you had the chance to choose. I personally go back and forth between something homemade by my mom or a meal from Chick-Fil-A.

Celebrities like Ina Garten and Kim Kardashian have talked about what they’d pick for their last meal, and now the hosts of “The Chew” are sharing their thoughts.

Carla Hall said she’d pick between a hamburger with cheese, raw onion, pickles and lettuce, or a hot dog, a little charred, split with a little mustard and some chili, with some raw onion.

Michael Symon said he has “several chef friends” he loves, as well as a mom he loves– so he’d eat his mom’s baklava, Jonathan Waxman’s roasted chicken, Marc Vetri’s beef-fiiled pasta with poppyseed butter, and then he’d have Bobby Flay make any tamale he wants.

Clinton Kelly on the other hand said he’d just want a massive bowl of Apple Jacks. “Like literally, a mixing bowl of Apple Jacks and whole milk,” he said.

We’re with you, Clinton.