“The Crown’s” Clair Foy Admits Blondes Are Treated Better Than Brunettes

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Claire Foy has dazzled audiences as the young Queen Elizabeth on Netflix’s popular drama,”The Crown.” With the second season returning to the streaming service, Claire visited “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” to talk about the hit.

The actress showed up with a new look after chopping off her hair and going darker. When Jimmy showed an earlier cover photo of the Claire, she was a blonde. Jimmy took notice and asked if she missed being a blonde. Claire emphatically answered affirmative.

“I loved being blonde,” Claire said. “People are just nicer to you. I swear, It’s an actual thing. People hold the door open to you. They smile at you, just in general.

“And this doesn’t happen to you now?,” Jimmy asked in amazement.

“No, they are actively horrible,” she joked.

Claire admitted she had to let go of the blonde because of the up keep—it had to go. But the actress had to chop it all off for a new role where she will be playing Janet Armstrong, the wife of Astronaut Neil Armstrong in an upcoming film.

So that old adage, that blondes have more fun, is most likely true and now we know blondes are treated better too.