The Most Romantic Country Songs of All-Time

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There’s something special about how a Southern twang and the soulful notes of a guitar mix together, giving life to the sound of love. Here are our picks for the most romantic country songs of all-time.

He Stopped Loving Her Today // George Jones

George Jones starts things off with this classic from 1980. The song might sound strange to modern listeners used to hearing music after it has been spruced up with technology, but the lyrics make it a winner. They tell the story of a man who swears he will forever love the woman leaving him and holds true to his promise until the day he takes his last breath.

I Need You // Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

Real-life husband and wife Faith Hill and Tim McGraw come together on this song, which is full of emotion from the very first notes. The song alternates between the male and female perspectives and shows that love really can trump all.

Always on My Mind // Willie Nelson

This country classic is just right for long-distance couples or those who want a slow melody to express their feelings. The song was originally recorded by Brenda Lee in 1972, Willie Nelson’s 1982 version is one of the most commonly recognized. This track is a reminder of the never-ending hope of love.

Amazed // Lonestar

Lonestar knocked this ballad out of the park on their 1999 album, Lonely Grill. This song is a perfect portrayal of a lover completely engrossed in every detail of the other person, physically, mentally and emotionally. With lyrics that speak to the promise of forever, this song goes down in country music history.

Crazy // Patsy Cline

A country ballad more fit for a breakup than a wedding, this track was penned by Willie Nelson, and Patsy Cline made it a #2 hit on the country charts in 1962. The heartfelt lyrics talk about what it feels like for a lover left behind. Despite the song’s somber tone, the intense love and emotion of a romance ended comes through in every note.

Mine Would Be You  // Blake Shelton

Romantic country songs aren’t just from past decades, and Blake Shelton proves he’s one of the best time and time again. The first half of “Mine Would Be You” focuses on the intensity of a soulmate-style romance; but the second half takes on the somber tone of a man reflecting on the one that got away. Despite the not-so-happily-ever-after ending, Shelton’s voice and emotion take this song into the romance hall of fame.

I Will Always Love You // Dolly Parton

Nothing says classic country like Dolly Parton; and while many are more familiar with the Whitney Houston version, this 1974 song radiates romance from beginning to end. Despite the fact that the song was written by Parton post-breakup, the singer’s Appalachian twang and the song’s haunting melody create the ultimate love song for couples who have drifted apart and those who are still together.

Every year, new and old artists release songs of young love, couples in their golden years and the heartbreak that often comes in between, but there are always those that stand out above the rest.

Image Source: BigStock, Wikimedia