“This Is Us” Producer Says We’re Close to Jack Dying

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The most recent episode of “This Is Us,” was a bit of a filler episode in that, we all needed a minute to recover from that Pearson family therapy session. Other than Kevin moving in with Rebecca and Miguel, not much happened– unless you remember one little line from a flashback scene in which, Rebecca said to Jack, “remind me to get batteries.” At the end of the episode, we learned the batteries were for the smoke alarm.

Supposedly, Jack is supposed to die in a fire and that’s what everyone wants you to believe, but at this point, I’m not convinced Jack is ever going to die.

During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, producer Isaac Aptaker said the end is near for Jack. Supposedly. They are trying to prepare us for the death, “We’re trying to brace people and help people prepare. I think I told you that this was one where the impact of it sneaks up on you. It’s a way of showing that there’s so much going on in these characters’ lives right now, and there’s so much that they’re dealing with. It’s so easy to make a simple mistake. Of course, looking back, we all know what that leads to, but life is hectic. Sometimes you forget to get batteries.”

Sure, sure, but when? When will Jack die?

“Without giving away exactly what episode we’re going to see the death, we are very close. We’re not pulling any punches… You are watching the events that lead to this man’s untimely death.”