6 Season 2 Spoilers the Cast of “This Is Us” Accidentally Just Spilled

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If you’re like most of the world, you became completely and totally obsessed with the Pearson family and “This Is Us” this fall.

You’ve probably spent days going back over episodes trying to figure out clues to how Jack dies or who Kevin ends up with. Well, the cast recently got together to promote Red Nose Day for NBC and totally spilled the beans on season 2. Things aren’t looking so great for some of them.

  1. Rebecca has a long-lost brother.
  2. Kate dates Dennis Rodman.
  3. Kate dates Dennis Quaid.
  4. Randall’s dad William is still alive and is actually his older brother.
  5. Jack donates his kidney to someone.
  6. Randall and Beth get divorced.

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