13 Hilariously Sad Tweets From Season 2, Episode 13 of “This Is Us”

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For the most part, I’ve only been super emotionally invested in a few TV shows over the course of my life, as they happened in real time. I’ve jumped on and off the “This Is Us” train emotionally several times, but the most recent episode “That’ll Be The Day,” (season 2, episode 13) didn’t just get me a ticket back on the train, the damn train ran me over.

We pick up with the Pearsons on the day of the Super Bowl in (presumably) 1998, “Titanic” came out on December 19, 1997. The Steelers were not playing.

Jack Pearson is trying to get each of his kids excited to watch the big game, while he’s also sharing his new real estate investment plans with Rebecca. Basically, Jack was going to be the original Chip Gaines. For their own reasons, each child has decided that though they love their dad and his passion for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Super Bowl, they just aren’t interested in watching the Super Bowl with him.

The present day Pearsons are leading strangely similar days to the flashback day. Randall and Beth have started their own real estate company– R&B Properties, which leads us to several amazing jokes. (Randall and Beth get the best lines on this show.) Kevin has decided to help Randall and Beth with repairs at their new building to “keep busy” like his dad, so he doesn’t sit around and drink. The parallels are endless during this episode.


Kate and Toby are in LA talking about getting a dog, but you know, Kate is weird about everything, so of course, she is weird about dogs. As the episode progresses, we’re learning more and more about how Jack spent his last day– trying to connect with his kids, watch football, and have sex with his wife. But, we also see Jack being super responsible and taking care of little things around the house– things that would never kill him.

Eventually, we meet back up with the old couple from the beginning of the episode. The man wants to gift Jack and Rebecca an old Crock Pot. And that’s when all hell broke loose in the slow cooker industry.

Note: as someone who owns a slow cooker and has an incredibly responsible father who, like Jack, would also remember to turn the thing off– I just can’t believe this is how they’re going to make this man go down.

13 Hilariously Sad Tweets From Season 2, Episode 13 of “This Is Us”:


Nailed that callback and what is that lady’s number? We need more than just Kleenex tonight.


Great, now I have to think about how Jack should’ve just swam a little bit harder for a little bit longer and everything would’ve been fine.


He did say construction was “in his blood.”


And way less annoying than the 1.0 version, too.


We would watch that. “Fixer Upper” is almost over.


So happy for Miguel right now!


Crock Pots aren’t inherently evil.



Was anybody still watching “Grey’s Anatomy” when Derek died?




It is kind of sad, but they had a good run, right?!


I think the actual lesson is that you need to change the batteries in your smoke detector. You can’t charge them. Also, yeah– don’t take old crap from old people.


Video or it didn’t happen!

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