12 Hilariously Sad Tweets About Season 2, Episode 4 of “This Is Us”

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Season 2 of “This Is Us” is only four episodes in and fans have already been dealt some real game-changers. We’ve got an addiction, a pregnancy, racism, body shaming and foster care. And that was just the most recent episode. We’ve already been dealing with alcoholism, daddy issues, mommy issues and a major character death. What’s next? But, really.

This episode, Rebecca’s mother comes to visit the Pearson family right as a snow storm hits Pittsburgh, but this snow storm also finds two of the Pearson children with chicken pox. On top of that, the video rental store was out of most the movies the family wanted to watch. Not sure if a scene of a TV show has ever been more relatable– you’re about to be stuck inside for days with your family and you can’t even watch the movie you want to watch. Now that is a tragedy.

Oh yeah– Rebecca’s mom is a racist, too.

In the present, Kevin’s knee injury has caused him to miss a week of shooting his big-time movie with Ron Howard, as he recovers from surgery. It also causes him to start watching old videos of himself playing high school football. Not a good look.

And then, there’s Kate. Oh sweet, Kate.

Each week, “This Is Us” teeters on the edge of jumping the emotional shark. And each week, the show delicately tiptoes back from the cliff and brings itself back to somewhat regular people’s emotional levels. However, each and every week the Internet jumps that emotional shark with much pleasure.

12 Hilariously Sad Tweets About Season 2, Episode 3 of “This Is Us”:

1. This guy isn’t here for the drama. He wants the calculus.

For me, calculus would bring more emotional pain than the show.

2. This lady just needs time to grieve.

That grandmother was awful– take all the time you need.

3. Zuri is onto something here.

Beth is pretty with it, let’s all make this a goal.

4. That seems like a lot.

What is a normal amount of tissues?

5. We must all work together against evil.

I liked the part where tiny Kevin was like, shoveling wrong and Jack stopped him and then watched him do it again. Is there a wrong way to get grandma out faster?

6. Yep, see ya.

It’s not a joke lady, go.

7. LOL.

Probably the best line ever on this show.

8. At least say Randall’s name first.


9. Seriously.

We’ll send you your things.

10/11. Oh. It all makes sense now.

It’s not about the dress, Toby. It’s never been about the dress.

12. Helicopter dad or what?

At least the baby will eat healthy food!