13 Hilariously Sad Tweets From Season 2, Episode 15 of “This Is Us”

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Two episodes of “This Is Us” in three days is an emotional toll on any TV binge-watcher, but the latest episode that follows the Pearson family around after Jack Pearson’s death was strangely hopeful and also, full of plenty of moments with Jack.

This was one of the first episodes in quite some time where we never meet up with the present day Pearsons, but with the kids as teenagers preparing for Jack’s funeral and the weekend the family spent purchasing their dream car– a Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

The entire episode was centered around family moments that happened in the Jeep, plus the moments the family was currently experiencing in the Jeep, as Jack was only driving just a few days ago.

Rebecca’s car moment came when the entire family was headed to a concert and they got stuck on a bridge. Rebecca is scared of bridges, but Jack and the kids coached her through it; Randall and Kevin fought while learning to drive in the Jeep and Jack made them walk home; once again, Kate and Jack bonded over music in the car, even though she was skipping school to go meet Alanis Morissette, though that might be one of the most unlikely scenarios ever on this show– Alanis signing autographs at 10 a.m.? Seems very unlikely for a rockstar, but whatever.

As we move into Jack’s funeral, Kate announces she’s going to give the dog away and Rebecca says “fine,” but that isn’t fine. Kevin is the worst teenager of all-time and pitches a fit at the funeral over Randall wearing Jack’s watch. He also told Randall a real man would not have let their father go back inside for anything. But, come on– Jack just really needed that VHS of Kate being a so-so performer.

As Rebecca went outside to escape her children arguing during their father’s funeral, she meets up with Dr. K., who tells us that Jack had been visiting him regularly for advice. He goes on and on about lemonade and she eventually takes the kids to scatter Jack’s ashes and to a Bruce Springsteen show.

It was all very emotional.

13 Hilariously Sad Tweets From Season 2, Episode 15 of “This Is Us”:


My dad was not that nice about Alanis when I was in middle school.


No wonder she was scared!


Kevin, it’s gotta be Kevin. Kate is just too emotional and needs her dad. Kevin is just the worst.


If she gives that dog away, I think I’ll stop watching. Didn’t Jack raise them better than this?


And we haven’t seen Jack’s drunk dad in a long, long time.




Maybe that’s why we’re so sad!


Yes, very smart.


Again– come on, Kate.


It was a Mars bar. Otherwise, yes.


LOL. Is that it?


Yeah, why weren’t they at the funeral?


Oh, you said it.