Thomas Rhett Takes Dad-ing to Whole New Level With Floral Baby Backpack

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Thomas Rhett’s life has just changed. Yes, he does have two infant daughters (which changes a lot) but I’m not talking about that. He just discovered the beauty and joy of a baby backpack. If you are a parent, you understand the struggle of only having one arm (if any) free around active kiddos. But with a baby carrier, someone like Thomas Rhett can walk anywhere he wants with his daughter Willa Gray with both arms free. It’s a magical invention.

The only problem is that it only comes in flower print. Lauren Akins told Thomas he could get one in black, or camo, if they exist. C’mon baby product industry! Let’s get some love and masculine patterns for the fathers!

Willa Gray steals the video, because obviously: she’s a gorgeous baby girl with killer dance moves. Come for her saying “‘sup” stay for her dancing to “Feels.”