Teenagers Ate Tide Pods So Tide Took Over Everything During The Super Bowl

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Teenagers thought it would be cool to eat Tide Pods; packets of brightly colored but highly toxic concentrated detergent. As a result, Tide was forced to pull the product from their line up. In retribution, Tide ran an ad during the Super Bowl that seemed silly but completely changed the way we view the world. Whatever you’re doing, it’s a Tide ad.

David Harbour, star of Netflix’s “Stranger Things”, was the chameleon spokesman who was in a car ad, an insurance ad, a shaving ad, a cologne ad, and every other ad you can think of. But, we were fooled because they all were Tide ads.

That’s right. just look at their clothes: no stains. That is the only clue they gave. Suddenly, every ad became a Tide ad.

This is an Old Spice ad

No, sorry. It’s Tide.


Ok, old people, tennis…this is for a joint pain medication.

Sorry, Kid. Wrong again.


That’s weird. Well, lets get back to the game.

What game? This is a Tide ad.


OK, um…. I can always turn off the TV and read in my living room.

No. Your life is now a Tide ad.


Oh God…

Yes, everything is Tide. In fact the Earth has been renamed Tide.


Lesson: Don’t eat Tide Pods