The Cast Of “This Is Us” Answered Fan Questions And Hilariously Squeezed Justin Hartley/Kevin Out Of Every Answer (Because Teenage Kevin is the Worst)


One of the most compelling aspects of “This Is Us” is the way the cast has bonded. They often refer to one another as family, which only makes their bonds on-screen that much stronger. A few of the cast members gathered together to answer some fan questions during their lunch break and, in true sibling fashion picked on Justin Hartley not letting him answer any questions.

If you had any siblings, you know what it is like watching a sibling “play along” but kind of get annoyed. It’s just a part of family life. You get tough, start laughing and move on.

Along the way, we got some sincere insight into the relationship between real life Beth and Randall, Sterling K. Brown and Susan Kelechi Watson– how they met in college, what their spouses think of their TV marriage, and the ways they are like and very unlike their TV characters.

Is the cast close?

Justin (off camera): Great answer

What does your family think about your TV marriage?

“How about you, Justin?’

*immediately stops recording*

Barbara gets it.

The cast knows the show means a lot to you, and that means the world to them.


What is your favorite scene?


Any marriage advice?

Susan: We should talk to Justin because he just got married. Justin, what do you think?

Justin: Uh, about marriage? Well, I ju–

What did you (Sterling and Susan) think of each other when you first met?

Sterling: Justin?

J: All of it, all of it, all of it…..

Fun fact, Justin and Sterling are two of the oldest cast members and almost a decade older than their Mom, Mandy Moore. Crazy, huh?

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