Terrell Owens and Cheryl Burke Share The Story On Their Surprise Elimination From “Dancing With The Stars”


In a way, the scores on “Dancing With The Stars” don’t really matter. Ultimately, it comes down to who people want to vote for. Now, I can’t say they don’t matter at all, they certainly factor into eliminations, but without fan support, any couple could leave. It was a surprise to me that Terrell Owens didn’t make it as far as Frankie Muniz. But that’s the way it goes on “DWTS”.

Owens grew more than any other dancer and people who only knew him from his time on the gridiron saw a new version of a player they only thought of as brash and arrogant. Even longtime NFL reporter Erin Andrews said she saw a new side of Owens.

“I feel like I’ve always been that way but football doesn’t allow people to see that,” Owens said on “Good Morning America.”

But no matter the personal change, one week is all it takes to lose your spot.

“We were judged on last week,” he said. “We didn’t do that well.”

And those scores changed how people voted, basically eliminating a night of great performances from Owens and Burke.

Even so, both were in good spirits and seem to have only good memories with the experience. Goodbye, TO. It was fun while it lasted.

Jordan Keller
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