Tom Hanks Crashed This Lucky Couple’s Wedding Pics (and I’m So Jealous)

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Turns out, Tom Hanks isn’t only an incredible actor, but he’s also the best and most adorable wedding crasher. During newlyweds Elizabeth and Ryan’s wedding day photo shoot in Central Park recently, Tom casually walked over and joined the two for a few candid shots — no big deal.

“He walked up to them unprovoked,” photographer Meg Miller told BuzzFeed. “Shock and excitement pretty much sum it up how we were all feeling in that moment. It was an exciting NYC moment for the couple and for me… I was happy we were in position and had the couple in good lighting for the big surprise. I just kept thinking I shouldn’t stop clicking.”

Yeah, Elizabeth and Ryan are going to be talking about this for the rest of their lives — so jealous.

Let’s take a closer look.

Tom, the national treasure that he is, even went on Twitter to congratulate the couple and send his blessings.