Top 8 Com-Drams Set in the South

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When the emotion of the “Dramas Set in The South” becomes overwhelming, it’s good to get some comic relief from some of the best in the business. Though crying feels good sometimes, following it up with a giggle is the best way to soothe the wounds.

8. “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood”

Setting: Louisiana

Memorable quote: “Oh, what a surprise! Look what the backstabbing, traitorous cats dragged in! Oh, look who it is! All my old EX-FRIENDS! And the biological fruit of my womb . . . that rotted!” –Vivi

7. “Daddy’s Dyin’ . . . Who’s Got the Will?”

Setting: Texas

Memorable quote: “Well, I guess we shouldn’t judge… but it’s just so HARD!” – Lurlene

6. “Junebug”

Setting: North Carolina

Memorable quote: “I wonder what she looks like. I bet she’s skinny. She probably is. She’s skinnier’n me and prettier too. Now I’ll hate her. Oh, I can’t wait!” – Ashley

5. “Waitress”

Setting: American South

Memorable quote:  “I-Can’t-Have-No-Affair-Because-It’s-Wrong-And-I-Don’t-Want-Earl-To- Kill-Me-Pie: Vanilla custard with banana. Hold the banana.” – Jenna

4. “Forrest Gump”

Setting: Primarily Greenbow, Alabama and Savannah, Georgia

Memorable quote: “Mama always said, ‘dying was a part of life.’ I sure wish it wasn’t.” – Forrest Gump

3. “Fried Green Tomatoes”

Setting: Birmingham, Alabama

Memorable quote: “I hear they’ve got an assertive training class for southern women. Of course, that’s a contradiction in terms.” – Missy

2. “Driving Miss Daisy”

Setting: Atlanta, Georgia

Memorable quote: “I wouldn’t be in your shoes if the Sweet Lord Jesus come down and asked me Himself.” – Idella

1. “Steel Magnolias”

Setting: Chinquapin Parish, Louisiana

Memorable quote: “I’m not crazy, I’ve just been in a very bad mood 40 years!” –Ouiser

Honorable mention goes to “Sweet Home Alabama,” which is technically a Romantic-Comedy; however, there aren’t too many of those set in the South. I felt it had to be included somewhere, if only for this often repeated quote:

“Look at you! You have a baby . . . in a bar.” – Melanie

Image Source: BigStock/ Youtube screenshot