Thousands Of Flying Ants Have Descended Upon Wimbledon And The Players Can’t Handle It

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Wimbledon is one of most storied tournaments in professional sports. One expects celebrities and their favorite players from the past and present to be in attendance. But this week court thousands of uninvited guests have become a problem for both players and fans. A swarm of flying ants has descended onto the tournament disrupting the tournament and generally disgusting everyone. “It’s like a horror movie,” tweeted the BBC.

Local papers have dubbed today “Flying Ant Day”, a foreseeable and known day when flying ants leave their nests to search for a new home for their queen. The monarchy just won’t quit stomping on the little guy in Britain.

Swarms of the large ants are easily visible and have been disrupting play on a few courts. Remember, this is a sport in which players complain about crowds coughing or yelling during points. When giant ants are flying into your face, a little fan noise is the least of your problems.

And if you had any lingering questions concerning if monarchy is better than democracy, just look at this idiot trying to fly: