The World's Strongest Man Is Very Very Strong

The World’s Strongest Man Is Very Very Strong

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It sounds obvious, but the world’s strongest man is a very strong person. Eddie Hall is an unassuming, but large, person who seems like a gentle giant. But when he went on a British Morning show he was given a series of challenges to prove his strength that resulted in the destruction of a iron skillet and the male anchor getting tossed around as if he were a toddler. It was wild.

I had always assumed the world’s strongest man was Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, aka “The Mountain” from “Game of Thrones.

But he is only the world’s second strongest man.

This is the World’s Strongest Man

The ancients would have thought he was a god or made him a king.

And he will not be challenged by cooking pans

or small show hosts.

The rest of us are over here thinking about the possibility of looking at weights. Eh, I’ll think about thinking about it.

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