11 Worst First Date Stories That Will Make You Cringe

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I try really hard to never turn down a first date. Unless, you know, it’s like a dangerous situation or totally against girl code, you have to get out there and just go, right? Right. Once, I went to meet a guy for coffee. He was super nervous and terrified, but fumbled his way through it. By the end, he asked me if I wanted to move locations and go meet some of his friends. I couldn’t, so we scheduled to meet again later in the week.

On the way out of the coffee place he saw someone he knew and stopped to talk with them. I’m assuming he told this person that the date with awful because the next morning I had a three-paragraph email from him explaining how we weren’t going to go on a second date. He broke up with me after one date, which wasn’t really necessary, you know? And that’s just one of my terrible date stories.

Another guy asked me to meet him for drinks and when we got to the restaurant he didn’t order any drinks because he was “saving to buy a house.” He also told me he was really into fashion, but only shopped at the Gap. About 40 minutes in I asked for the check and he literally got up and left without saying a word.

Like me, people on the Internet have been on some pretty odd first dates and they shared with stories with Jimmy Fallon and “The Tonight Show.” Some are way worse than others and some have very happy endings.

11 Worst First Date Stories That Will Make You Cringe:


Classic misunderstanding! Just like in “Miss Congeniality” when someone asked that girl to describe her “perfect date” and went with a date on the calendar.


This is truly the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard and it must’ve cost the guy a fortune.


But, how did she get into the car?! At least he told her it wasn’t his car.


There is nothing in the world that could be more awkward than this. And that poor dog.


And he married her anyway! True love.


It’s actually a super great icebreaker.


Yeah, but what are the odds?


But, did you get to eat or that was just the nicest/closest parking lot he could find?


No lie, if I’m on a blind date, I usually ask if they’re going to kill me.


The only thing worse is going back to someone’s house and they murder you.


Hey, guys, sorry, but ladies gotta have a plan in place, you know?