7 Worst Ring Names In Pro Wrestling History

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The squared circle, or professional wrestling, is basically just a cross between soap operas and football. Before the days of the actual violence of MMA crossing over to mainstream, this was as action packed as live television got. It’s hard to keep things fresh, doing 3 hours a week every Monday night. It really puts a strain on the creative abilities of your writers to make compelling characters. Before Tony Soprano and Walter White, we had the Undertaker and Ric Flair. Things sure have changed. However, every wrestling fan will recall certain characters who did not stand the test of time. There have been some bad moments in WWE’s history, and here’s a few characters Vince McMahon and company would love for you to forget.

1. Justin Credible

Puns are the worst. They are the lowest form of humor. This pun here is so bad it will make your dad cringe, and c’mon, that’s pro wrestling’s key demo isn’t it?

2.Sparky Plugg

Hey you know what’s cool? Not spark plugs! This is completely uninspired. It has no meaning, and it’s next to impossible to get people to chant in an arena.

3. Hugh Morrus

Another pun that just isn’t cutting it for me. This guy particularly annoyed me as a kid as the character would go in and out of laughing spells during matches. Not to mention the atrocious ring attire.

4. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

I hesitate to bring Jim Duggan into this because he appeals to the Coors Banquet Beer enjoying part of me. He carried a two by four to every single one of his matches. Still, it just feels totally generic.

5. Buff Bagwell

The guy is buff, so we should call him Buff Bagwell. Isn’t the alliteration great? No. This is professional wrestling. Nearly every single wrestler has been buff since the 1980s. You’ve just described every single wrestler Vince McMahon has ever signed. You might as well have named him Jeff “The Wrestling Guy” Bagwell.

6. Disco Inferno

As a heel character, maybe this would have worked around the time the riot against Disco was a thing. But Disco Inferno’s heyday was the mid-nineties on Nitro. I didn’t even know what disco was. I just remember him dancing around like an idiot. Looking back, I just want to ask the writers why they ran with this.

7. The Ringmaster

Steve Austin would eventually become one of the all-time legends of WWE with his Stone Cold schtick. But when he debuted for WWE, they gave him the most generic and forgettable name ever. It’s almost like a placeholder name. Thank God for the Attitude era, which gave us some of the greatest moments in the industry’s history, many featuring Austin.