Michael Ray Loves His Grandmother and Country Music

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At his core, Michael Ray is as country as they come. He may be a bit fashion-forward for some fans, but he’s a born-and-raised country boy. Ray grew up in small, Eustis, Florida under the influence of his tight-knit family and the music they loved– Randy Travis, Bruce Springsteen and Lynyrd Skynyrd. His grandfather introduced him to Merle Haggard. During his Grand Ole Opry debut, Ray played his grandfather’s guitar.


So, the tattoos and the grin may make you think of Adam Levine when you look at Ray, but his music, his core and his heart are pure country.

We had the chance to talk with Ray after the release of his self-titled debut album and played a little lightning round of questions with him. His answers were thoughtful and sincere– just like grandma would like.

Is “Kiss You In The Morning” a dangerous song? Kissing while running red lights doesn’t sound safe.

MR: Maybe we were in an Uber.

What are all the right places for jeans to be faded?

MR: Thighs.

What else do real men love besides Jesus and fishing?

MR: Family, America and doing what’s right.

Will your grandmother be in the rest of your upcoming music videos?

MR: I’m going to put her in as many videos as I can.

My beautiful Grandma making her TV Debut!!!! @cmt #kissyouinthemorning

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Which tattoo is your favorite?

MR: My dad and I have the same sleeve on our left arm, it’s an Irish missionary cross.

A lot of your fans probably don’t have matching tattoos with their dad.

MR: Right, some fathers and sons go fishing, we get permanently marked.



What’s your favorite song on the album?

MR: The two that are closest to me, “Real Men Love Jesus” and “Somewhere South.”

John Rich is a personal friend and songwriting partner, would you ever wear a fur coat on stage like him?

MR: I don’t think I could pull that off.

Will your upcoming tour with Kip Moore be a ‘Wild One(s)’?

MR: Yes, I’m excited.

If you could collaborate with anyone in Nashville right now, who would it be?

MR: Gary Allan.

Real men probably love Michael Ray, too.

Image Source: CMA

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