John Rich Announces the Opening of Two Redneck Riviera Bars in Nashville and Las Vegas

John Rich is expanding his entrepreneurial interests in one big way– the opening of two restaurants. Rich’s Redneck Riviera will launch one location on Lower Broadway in Nashville and another at the Grand Bazaar Shops adjacent to Bally’s Las Vegas on the famed Strip. The restaurants will also house a bar inside the bar. The … Read more

7 Unique Country Wedding Bars for Your Big Day

The creative possibilities that come with creating the perfect rustic wedding are pretty much endless. Entertaining a vast audience at a wedding can prove to be somewhat difficult, especially with so many different personalities being brought together in one place. This being said – your bar doesn’t have to be traditional by any means. Personalizing … Read more

9 Ways to Save Money on a Night Out at the Bars

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13 Southern Cocktail Bars Every Man Needs to Visit

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10 Drinks Real Men Shouldn’t Order in Bars

Dudes, I know there are a lot of drinks out there that taste delicious, but if they are handed to you in a girly glass, turn your tongue pink, or have the word “light” or “tini” in the name, it’s off limits. I don’t mean you should never sip these drinks, but when you’re at … Read more

Bucket List: Best Country Bars in the A-T-L

Visitors may think that Atlanta is overrun with country music bars, but locals know that you’re more likely to find rock or indie acts in the ATL. However, there are a few spots that still cater to country and bluegrass lovers. So when you’re in the mood for country music, pull on your favorite pair … Read more