11 Tiny Kitchen Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind

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Have you seen these Tiny Kitchen videos? They’re exactly what it sounds like, recipe videos made in a tiny kitchen. We’re talking cooking on equipment practically made for Barbies.

The videos are absolutely fascinating. I’m completely enamored by the fact that someone took the time to not only create miniature versions of favorite recipes but then to film it. Here are 11 recipes that you’ve just gotta see:

1. Tiny Lobster Role

2. Tiny Beignets

3. Tiny Red Velvet Cake

4. Tiny Fried Pickles

5. Tiny Rainbow Bagel

6. Tiny KFC

7. Tiny Cake Pops

8. Tiny Beef Wellington

9. Tiny Tacos

10. Tiny Pizza

11. Tiny Fish & Chips