10 Affordable Date Ideas

10 Affordable Date Ideas

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Dating can be a ton of fun, but it can also cost a ton of money. Here are a few creative, fun, and affordable date ideas that will have your date looking forward to the next invitation!

10 Affordable Date Ideas:

1. Bookshop Hop

Hit a used book store and explore the hidden nooks and crannies. Plan ahead with guiding questions for each section of the store. For example, when you get to the travel section, have your date find a book to plan a dream vacation together. After you’ve explored the store and purchased a book to read, take it to a park or coffee shop and read it together.

Tip: Choose a book that neither of you have read.

2. Cook Together

Work together with your date to create a delicious meal for less than $10.00 (or however much you want to spend). You’d be surprised what sort of crazy meal concoctions you can come up with for under $10.00.

Alternative: Don’t want to cook a full meal? Experiment with desserts! A pint of ice cream and a roll of cookie dough can go a long way.

3. No Drive, Drive-in Movie

Some cities offer a “movie in the park” during the warm months. If you live in a city that doesn’t, fear not, you can create your own drive-in movie experience for you and your date. Toss some blankets and a bottle of wine in the back of a truck bed and stream a movie out in the open air. If you can get your hands on a projector, try projecting the movie up against a sheet hung on wall or garage door.

4. Stargaze

This date is completely free. Check the weather and find a clear night, then throw a blanket or sleeping bag in your car and drive out to where you can see the stars. If it’s chilly, bring some hot cocoa or hit a coffee shop on your way out to your stargazing spot.

Bonus: If you can swing it, building a fire is a great bonus. What’s better than fireside stargazing?

5. Driving Adventure

You’ll need a full tank of gas, a coin and some snacks. On this adventure, the coin is your map. Heads means right turn, tails means left turn. Have your date flip the coin while you drive and see where you two end up. When you find a spot that looks good, pull over and explore or set up an impromptu picnic.

6. Open-Mic Night

Nearly every coffee shop has an open mic night from time to time. This is free entertainment for you and your date to enjoy. Sometimes the performers are awesome and sometimes they’re not. Either way, you’ll have a good time and a good story. And if you’re feeling confident, you and your date could even bust out a duet.

Tip: Don’t pressure your date into singing a duet. Just because you may be into it doesn’t mean your date will be.

7. Disc Golf

This date is active, outside and a blast. Look up disc golf parks in your city and see if you can borrow or rent some discs. Take your date out to the course and have at it. Never played? No big deal, learn how to play together.

Heads up: Disc golf is surprisingly active and will require athletic clothing, so give your date a heads up.

8. Fly Kites

Wait until you see windy days in the forecast then pick up a couple cheap kites. Take them to a local park or cleared area and see who can get their kite to fly the longest. This is a good way to get outside and be active together.

Bonus: Have a “childhood” themed date. Play on the playground, eat Lunchables, drink Capri Sun, maybe even ride bikes. Sky’s the limit on this one.

9. Game Night

This can be very affordable and a ton of fun. Pop some popcorn, choose a game like Monopoly, Scrabble, spoons or Jenga, and play it all the way through. This can help you and your date get to know each other and how each of you thinks strategically.

Tip: Don’t get too competitive, and if you see your date is starting to take the game a little too seriously, have a backup plan for how to keep things lighthearted.

10. Fort Date

Channel your inner child and bust out the extra sheets and blankets for an epic fort date. Buy a roll of cookie dough beforehand (under $5.00) and put the cookies in the oven before you get started. While your cookies are baking, build your fort together with your date. Once you’re finished, enjoy your first home together by watching a movie or playing a game while you munch on your cookies.

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