10 Clever Last Minute Halloween Costumes

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For weeks you’ve been putting together your kids’ Halloween costumes. You have all the parts and pieces, even down to the sparkly hair clips that perfectly match the glittering tiara for your little fairy princess. However, you have given absolutely no thought to your own costume.

10 Clever Last Minute Halloween Costumes:

1. Dominoes

Wear a black top and black pants. Using white duct tape, add a horizontal line at the waist. Cut some duct tape into circles and stick them to your shirt and to your pants in the traditional domino configuration.


2. Rosie the Riveter

Tutorial coming soon! ?? #WeCanDoIt#RosieTheRiveter

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All things retro are super hot right now, and you can go with the vintage trend by dressing as Rosie the Riveter. You probably already have a blue button up shirt and high waisted jeans in your closet. Tie the shirt at the waist, roll up the sleeves, and tie up your hair in a red bandana.

3. Having Your Nose in a Book

Using an eyeliner pencil, write B-O on one cheek and O-K on the other cheek. You may want to have someone help you with this, since your mirror will reverse the image, making it difficult to write the words correctly from left to right.

4. A Fork in the Road

Wear a black sweatshirt and plaster yellow duct tape strips that are about six inches long, vertically up the middle of the shirt. Tape a plastic fork to the shirt to be a “fork in the road.”

5. Starbucks

Find some fake one dollar bills and stick them to your shirt with tape. Add a few posterboard stars, and you will represent your favorite coffee shop.

6. A Stick Figure

Dress in all white. Using black electrical tape or thin strips of duct tape, stick on a long strip down the middle of your shirt. At your hips, add one strip going down each leg, and add long strips for each arm at the shoulders. If you want a mask, make it out of poster board and elastic cording, because anyone can draw a smiley face.

7. Identity Theft

If you have drawerful of those “Hello, My Name Is…” stickers from your last party, write different names on each one and stick them all over your outfit to represent identity theft.

8. A Ceiling Fan

On a solid color t-shirt with fabric pens, write the words “GO CEILING!” to become a ceiling fan.

Punny, but clever!

9. Where’s Waldo

wheres waldos???¿¿¿¿ #waldo #whereswaldocostume #halloween #coworkers #trickortreat #stripes #chucky #costumes #theoffice #work

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If you have a red and white horizontally striped shirt, pair it with jeans, red Converse, and red knit hat. Add a pair of black glasses and you can go to your Halloween party as Waldo from the Where’s Waldo? books.


10. Raining Cats and Dogs

Put on your favorite raincoat and rubber boots. To your umbrella, tie small stuffed kittens and puppies to represent “Raining Cats and Dogs.” Alternately, you can use a die cutting machine to attach silhouettes of cats and dogs to your umbrella.

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