10 Habits Every Real Man Has

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Somehow, and maybe subconsciously, many men believe their identity as a man is achieved by focusing on what it looks like to be man. If they could achieve a manly appearance, and do all of the things a man does, then they could be a man by everyone’s standards.

That simply isn’t true. So, what makes a real man authentic?

Below is a list of 10 habits that can help any man be more authentic and real:

1. A real man understands his real emotions: When you lack confidence in yourself, you won’t listen to your gut and you mistrust yourself and your emotions. A real man knows when to step away and spend some time alone. If he doesn’t feel a good gut reaction to a decision, he doesn’t make it. He trusts his instincts.

2. A real man knows who he is and where he comes from: It’s not always about who you are, sometimes its knowing whose you are. Don’t just know your grandfathers’ names; learn their grandfathers’ names and where they came from. You are not just a product of yourself. You were formed by many generations before you. Even if your background isn’t the most glamorous, there are still talents and gifts you can be proud of. How you use them is up to you.

3. A real man knows his limitations of what he can and cannot do: A real man understands his talents and his limitations. He’s not afraid to objectively analyze himself. And, with a willingness to be vulnerable, he doesn’t shy away from his shortcomings either.

4. A real man is socially seasoned: One of the most alluring aspects of a real man is his confidence. He doesn’t question everything he does or says. To most woman there is nothing more attractive than someone with a bold social presence. Attractive is approachable. If you’re confident in your own skin, you’ll feel comfortable in almost any situation.

5. A real man knows his self worth: Shame cannot hide behind vulnerability, so it shouldn’t diminish a man’s self-worth. Transparency doesn’t make a man weak, it frees him to understand his true worth.

6. A real man knows he needs someone at his back: The real man knows he needs a friend to help protect him from what he can’t see. The blind spots, any place vulnerable a real man may have uncovered. Just remember: No man left behind.

7. A real man knows how to use his hands: A man’s mannerisms while telling a story can make or break them. Hand gestures should be used to engage an audience and bring a story to life, especially when it’s funny. If done correctly, the rewards are endless. .. Just be careful not to give the wrong impression.

When it comes to touch, a real man knows where to put his hands on a woman. While an average guy might touch the small of her back, a real man will slide his hand under her hair and stroke the back of her neck. Just remember to be original with your touch. Make a woman feel something she’s never felt before.

8. A real man knows how to read between the lines: A real man isn’t oblivious to the basic human emotions of other people. He’s instinctual. He knows when people are upset. He doesn’t wait for them to bring it up. He’s a big boy. A real man knows the Golden Rule of common courtesy.

9. A real man is close to his mother: Men who are close to their mothers understand the importance of having a woman in their lives.

10. A real man follows through: Nobody likes a flake, so keep your word. Be a man — it’s the most attractive thing any man could ever do.