10 Last Minute DIY Thanksgiving Table Decorations

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How can the holidays sneak up on us like this? I mean, we wait around all year (and they come at the same time…) and yet they always seem to get the slip on us. Don’t let your guests catch you in your temporary forgetfulness! Try these easy, do-it-yourself table decorations to make it look like you’ve been ready for months.

10 Last Minute DIY Thanksgiving Table Decorations:

1. The Turkey Napkin

Who doesn’t love fun, classy napkins around a dinner table? Follow this step-by-step tutorial to fold your napkins like a pro with little birds!

2. Printed Burlap

It’s all about the presentation! A printer, some wax paper, a roll of burlap and an iron can make your table look Thanksgiving ready in minutes!

3. Personalized Seating Plan

Place-setters are a perfect way to take the arguments out of who sits next to who at the dinner table. They can even make wonderful Thanksgiving giveaways! Try personalized plates (sharpies and an oven are a quick way to make a ceramic plate dazzle!), printed names stuck in pinecones or adorable family photo cut-outs!

4. Cinnamon Stick Candles

You don’t even need glue for these beauties! Simply rubber band whole cinnamon sticks around a candle, then tie twine around to hide the rubber band. Too easy, right? You. Are. Welcome.

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5. Interactive Place Mats

Forget fancy placemats – they just get dirty and are a pain to wash. This year, go with a crafty-feel table by placing paper for placemats. Then get cutesy with some fancy font and have your family write what they’re most thankful for this year. Go around the table and have everyone share their thoughts for some good feelings.

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6. Pumpkin Ice Bucket

This will make your table look so festive…and yet – it’s so easy. Simply cut a hole in the side (or straight on top! of your pumpkin and carve out the insides. Put your favorite wine or bubbly in the pumpkin and fill with ice – voila.

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My way of carving a pumpkin and getting festive ? #pumpkinicebucket

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7. The Blessings Pumpkin

It’s like a guestbook for your fabulous Thanksgiving dinner with your loved ones. Leave a pumpkin somewhere with sharpies and let everyone decorate with their favorite blessings…too cute!

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8. Butter Molds

Talk about fancy…and easy. Melt down butter, pour into candy molds then place in the fridge while you cook up dinner. By the time the turkey is ready, your butter will be beautifully decorative and will look fabulous next to those rolls.

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Flowers with lunch today! #springflowers #buttermold #morebutterplease #butterpat

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9. Gourd Candles

The fall festivities aren’t done until the turkey has been completely gobbled up. Trace around the base of a votive candle onto a gourd. Carefully cut the circle out and scoop out the insides. Make it just deep enough for the top of the votive candle to pop out the top. Light them up and watch everyone “ooh and ahh” over your 10 minute centerpiece.

10. Mason Jar Centerpieces

Down here in the South, there is nothing we can’t do with a mason jar – not to mention how stinking cute we can make them, too. Flowers (or candles) and paint are the perfect way for you to spell out your Thanksgiving feelings for all to see.

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