10 Non-Traditional Ways to Decorate with Wreaths

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Wreaths have a tough life. They typically get hammered to a door or hung from a window and are left outside in the cold for just one month out of a year. Contrary to popular belief, and tradition, wreaths can be hung or set in a dozen different locations throughout your home. Here are a couple of ways to decorate with wreaths that you may not have tried before!

How to Wreath: 10 Non-Traditional Ways to Decorate with Wreaths:

1. Centerpiece Wreath

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You would think this is rocket science with how fabulous this looks. Wreaths can lay flat and still be cute?! Minds: Blown.

2. Wreaths in Open Frames

Have empty frames but no canvases? Fear not! Hang your wreath from a little ribbon for a trendy (cheap) seasonal splash!

3. Wreaths Over Glass

Obviously, hanging wreaths on windows outside is nothing new, but have you considered hanging them from windows inside? Give it a shot!

4. Wreath on a Wall

Because, why not? Frames are so angular. Mix it up with some circles to offset some of those 90 degree angles you have all over your house.

5. Wreath Over a Mirror

Whether you set a wreath on top of a mirror as a centerpieces, or hang on over an already-hanging mirror, the reflection will add fullness to both the appearance of the wreath and the decorative flare in your home.

6. Wreaths Overhead

Chandeliers are glorious. Wreath chandeliers are other-worldly. You can make your own or just add a large wreath to an already hanging chandelier. Whichever you choose, this is sure to make any room come alive!

7. Over a Mantle

There is no better place to debut your seasonal decor, specifically your wreath, than over the mantle. Because, tis the season, y’all!

8. Wreath Upon Ordinary Household Cabinets

Does that armoire look boring? Put a wreath on it. Those cabinets a little too dull? Put a wreath on them. Anything goes, ladies. This is the time when you can get away with it. Wreath havoc on the place!

9. Wreath Against a Windowpane

Old rustic window panes are so trendy right now. These things are hard to come by and easy to fall in love with. Add a dash of color to your favorite piece by hanging a wreath against it. This will dress up the old frame and keep it from blending into the wall.

10. Wreath as an ‘O’

Noel, Joy, Love– they all require ‘O’. Conveniently, wreaths have a striking resemblance to the letter ‘O’! Why not sneak a wreath into some of these words to add a seasonal splash to your decorative word display?

11. Miscellaneous Wreath Placements

Because why the heck not? Go crazy people. Sky’s the limit this season!

Image Source: Instagram