10 Uses for Tea (Other Than Drinking)

10 Uses for Tea (Other Than Drinking)

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Growing up in the south, tea (specifically sweet tea) has always been a staple in my diet. For dinner there were two options: tea or water (and sometimes milk if I got to it before my brother downed the whole thing). And the scream of the tea kettle always called in the cavalry for dinner. So, when I learned that tea has a number of different uses other than just drinking, I was very excited because there is always several different kinds of tea in my house.

Here are a few of my favorite uses for my favorite Southern refreshment:

Exfoliant: add some loose-leaf tea to a mild body wash and create your own scrub. The rough leaves will remove dead skin and the antioxidants will revitalize.

Floor Refresher: dip a rag in steeped tea and rub it on your hardwood floors. This will add shine and a slight tint of color to revitalize your floor. (Be sure to test it on a small area before you rub down the whole floor!)

Deodorizer: add tea bags to your fridge to soak up rotten smells. The tea will absorb the odor-just like baking soda!

Stain: yes, tea stains. But we can use this property to our advantage! Soak white fabrics (curtains, shirts, etc.) in brewed tea for an instant antique look.

Compost: throw your old tea leaves & bags into the compost. Tea helps speed up the process. Just be sure that the bags are bio-degradable before you throw them in.

Mouthwash: a lightly flavored tea can help deodorize your mouth! Don’t have mouthwash on hand? Just swish some tea…and you can drink this mouthwash.

Make cupcakes: tea? And cupcakes? Yes, they do go together. Try your hand at baking with tea with a tea cupcake recipe. There are lots of recipes out there for tea cupcakes & icing.

Face mask: add loose green tea to honey or greek yogurt then spread the mixture on your face. The antioxidants and caffeine will help rejuvenate your skin and clear redness.

Digestion Aid: To help you digest a meal: okay, so yes, you do have to drink tea for this one, but it is with more intention than just: yummy, add more sugar to this sweet tea! Drinking plain tea (yes, that means no sugar, sorry) helps speed up the digestive process and helps cleanse your insides.

Dark circle reducer: Get rid of under eye circles: place two damp tea bags on your eyes. It will soothe them and reduce dark circles under your eyes.

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