10 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Fun for Kids

10 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Fun for Kids

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Thanksgiving is a day full of family, friends and memories. While the adults work on those ancient recipes that everyone loves, help make the day fun for the youngest generation by giving them something to make as well. With small children, busy is always best so they stay out of trouble and have fun. Which is exactly why we have found 10 crafts and activities to keep them laughing and your camera clicking away.

10 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Fun for Kids:

1. Turkey Snack Bags

Using plastic gloves, create little turkey snack packs to keep kids occupied without spoiling their appetite.

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2. Scavenger Hunts

Create a scavenger hunt for the littles one to run around the house and yard and collect fall-related items. The one to find the most items wins extra dessert – or make little goodie bags as prizes.

3. Leaf Coloring

Collect leaves from outside and place them under a piece of paper. Using markers or crayons, trace over the leaves and make beautiful art.

4. Thanksgiving Bingo

Create fun bingo cards with Thanksgiving images to get the kiddos excited about the big day. Using pretzels or candies for chips, make small prizes for the winners and share in the laughs.

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5. Craft Tablecloth

Kids don’t need a special tablecloth, and let’s be honest – it’s just going to get filthy before the main course. Swap the fancy look for large sheets of paper because who doesn’t love to doodle on the table?!



6. Paper Turkey Bags

This craft is a preschool classic – but a huge hit every time. Colored construction paper, glue sticks, scissors and brown paper bags are all you need for this project, and it will keep the kids occupied long enough for you to make that casserole.

7. Pilgrims/Native American Costumes

You don’t have to head to Party City for left over Halloween costumes, just head to your craft store for some basic supplies. Construction paper, fake feathers, markers and glue sticks are all the kids will need to make funny costumes and great memories. Have the kids make traditional pilgrim hats or Native American headpieces – then let them wear them through dinner.

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8. Turkey Baster Relay

This is such a fun idea, and the kids are sure to have a blast with it. Using turkey basters, give each child a different colored feather and a clear path from start to finish. First one to the other end wins! Get ready for laughs, great pictures and plenty of too-young-too-competitive attitude.

9. Junior Parade

Let the kids make their own Macy’s Day Parade around the house (inside or out). Kids can use their favorite toys, wagons, bicycles or whatever else they can get their hands on and march around to their favorite music. Wouldn’t that make cute holiday cards?

10. Handprint Turkey

Another classic. Using finger paints and your child’s little hand, create beautiful turkeys to hang on the refrigerator and share forever. You can also help the kiddies cut them out, so they can play with their new little friends (once they’re dry of course).

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