11 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

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The Christmas tree is one of the most, if not the most, recognized symbol for the Christmas season. Some companies make their year’s profit from selling trees for two months out of the entire year. People love a good Christmas tree. However, not everyone can accommodate a full-sized tree in the home. If that’s you, you don’t need to feel like you are missing out on decking your halls. Here are a few trendy alternative Christmas trees that will help you keep the Christmas spirit alive in your place, regardless of its size.

11 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas:

1. Lights On A Wall

Even if you don’t have the space in your place, you’re sure to have at least one wall. Get creative with it. 

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Source: @jolie.hr


2. Sticks On A Wall

You can still bring the outdoors inside with this alternative tree.

Source: @flowerfurbish


3. The Ladder Tree

How cute and easy is this? Take a ladder and add as much or as little to it as you like.

Source: @julesninja


4. The Picture Tree

What a great way to display Christmas cards, or reflect on your fun memories from the year.


Source: @juls.renee


5. Recycled Book Pages Tree

Simply take the book pages and roll them until they are as full or skinny as you’d like. Lightly dust them with spray paint for a little added color.

Source: @romanawightman


6. The Wooden Tree

Use pallet wood or sticks from your backyard.

Source: @little.karama.gangsters


7. Outline Tree On A Wall

You can skip the lights and avoid a spike on your electric bill with this one.

Source: @gatewaytothemuggleworld


8. Pallet Wood Tree

These are easy to make and look awesome indoor or outside.

Source: @downtownneillbrown


9. Do-Dads Tree

This one is sure to catch your guests’ eyes. Gather all those little picture frames and prized trinkets you’ve got laying around and arrange them in the outline of a tree.  

Source: @christmaholic


10. Antler Tree

This is sure to get your man’s vote. If you have the antlers to use, display them in the shape of a tree.

Source: @prettylittlepartyco


11. Chalkboard Wall Tree

These are great for children’s rooms. Just draw out the shape of a tree and add decorations as you wish.  

Source: @genevievesawtelle

Image Source: Instagram, @lovebeingpetite