11 Manly Life Experiences Every Man Should Attempt

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Living life to the fullest is a concept every man should fully endorse. Below is a list of manly life experiences most men have probably dreamed of completing at some point in their lives. Would I call this a bucket list? Sure, but that doesn’t change the fact that these epic experiences are once-in-a-lifetime achievements that will help every man lead a more rewarding life.

Here are my unranked picks. How many can you check off?

1. Run with the Bulls

What better way to discover just how fast you really are. No matter what happens, simply surviving this undertaking is definitely one way to obtain a life experience you’ll never forget (not to mention the fact that if you’re slow you’ll get gored by an angry bull).

2. Conquer the Colorado River in an Open Dory

Cut to the chase — run the Colorado through the Grand Canyon. You haven’t truly experienced the canyon until you’ve looked up at it from the water. Experiencing this virtually guarantees a new perspective on life.

3. Experience at Least One Safari

Out of the vehicles, on foot, one-on-one with nature. And the more nights you’re in the wild, the better.

4. Do a Long Hike

There are always the classics — the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest. But don’t be afraid to challenge the untested. Be creative. What about a South American stroll from the Darien Gap to Tierra del Fuego? Just remember — take plenty of pictures and don’t forget to write.

5. Watch an Eruption

While going to see volcanoes in Mexico or Indonesia will give you an opportunity to experience a little lava flow — you could wait around forever for some decent action. Try Stromboli, Italy, which has several eruptions a day and plenty of gooey lava blobs that froth like alien life forms.

6. Swim from One Landmass to Another

Why? You could always do it for the exercise — things are always more attainable if you have a goal in mind. You could always go for the literary aspect — be like Lord Byron and conquer the Hellespont, a narrow strait in northwestern Turkey connecting the Aegean Sea to the Sea of Marmara. Or you could simply do it for the hell of it.

7. Experience Antarctica

But not on some posh cruise liner where you hold a glass of merlot while communing with penguins. I suggest a Russian icebreaker or a smaller skippered yacht — so you can personally experience the endless white landscape and hear nothing but nature’s silence.

8. Climb a Waterfall

A frozen one, that is. And while an impulse climb might have its place, I’d recommend learning how first.

9. Hunt for Hidden Treasure

Pick your passions — there’s always that old standby of Atlantis, as well as Atahualpa’s golden rope in the Andes. If you want to dig a little closer to home, try Oak Island in Nova Scotia.

10. Motorcycle Across America

Man’s love for machinery can be expressed in many ways, but few offer the combination of freedom like riding a Harley across the U.S. And the older the bike, the better.

11. Run the Real Marathon

If you’re going to attempt running for 26.2 miles, why not embrace history and head for the very spot where agony was invented? Run the race that retraces Pheidippides’ steps from Marathon to Athens after the Battle of Marathon. When you finish, don’t forget your victory speech. Just remember “joy to you, we’ve won” has already been used.

Image Source: Unsplash

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