9 Super COOL Products For People Who Are Always Cold

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I would venture to say that 9 times out of 10, I’m probably freezing. I’m constantly asking my husband (or my dog) to sit on my feet to keep them warm, whether it’s winter or not.

If you’re the same way, fear not! These 9 products are cute, functional, and will keep you warm all winter (or all year) long.

9 Products For People Who Are Always Cold:

1. Electric Blanket

An electric blanket is a must-have. I use mine pretty much every single day and mine isn’t even as cute as this one. And this isn’t an electric blanket like your grandmother used to have– most newer electric blankets turn off on their own and won’t burn your house down.

Sunbeam Heated Electric Blanket

2. Wool Socks

If you haven’t invested in some solid wool socks, you must. Your feet will thank you!!

JOYCA & Co. Wool Socks

3. Tea Infuser

Though I’d rather be drinking a cup of coffee, I try to enjoy tea throughout the day instead so I don’t get a stomach ulcer, and so I can fall asleep at night.

Tea Infuser

4. Travel Mug

Every woman (and man) needs a solid travel mug..

LifeSky Travel Coffee/Tea Mug, $13.99

5. Battery-Powered Shoe Inserts

Honestly I had no idea that I needed battery-powered reusable shoe inserts until I discovered them.

Cozy Feet Battery-Powered Reusable Shoe Inserts

6. Heated Footrest

Can’t you just imagine sitting at your desk or on your couch while your feet rested on this heated footrest? Yes, please!

Heated Footrest

7. Blanket Scarf

Use it as a scarf, shawl or straight up blanket!

Blanket Scarf

8. Heated Chair Massager

10/10 would recommend putting a heated chair massager on your desk chair.

Heated Chair Massager

9. Heated Pillow Warmer

Seriously, have you seen anything cuter than this heated pillow warmer??

Heated Pillow Warmer