12 Halloween Costume Fails

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With so many people dressing up for Halloween, there are bound to be a few costumes that just don’t work out. We took to the internet to see what we could find and rounded up these 12 hilarious Halloween costume fails that will make you want to start working on your costume right now rather than waiting to the last minute.

1. Wolverine

At least we think it is supposed to be Wolverine. Could also be a bad Freddy Krueger or an even worse Edward Scissorhands.


Source: thelukeschulte


2. Crown

It almost fits, mom.

Haha #halloweenfail

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3. Bad Wig

Not quite what is portrayed on the packaging.




4. American Horror Story

At least she tried. In her defense, makeup can be hard.




5. Leopard?

If she’s not even sure, we really aren’t either.




6. Typos Aren’t Just For the Internet

Told ya. See what happens when you wait to the last minute and rush?

Typos. Not just for the internet anymore. #halloween #typo #halloweenfail

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7. Television

It was all fun and games until it came time to actually trick-or-treat.  




8. Sara (with no H) and Gary


Me and Gary, my step dad , having fun! #halloweenfail @jimmyfallon #halloween #

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9. Buzz Lightyear

Buzz must have knocked back a few drinks before putting this costume together.




10. Werewolf Costume

A costume. For your car?  This is just a Halloween don’t.

#nope #halloween2014 #halloweenfail #really

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11. 2-liter Bottle of Soda

This is the ultimate in last minute costumes. At least mom tried to dress up the baby.

#rp #halloweenfail lol

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12. Only One to Dress Up

Who hasn’t been in this guys shoes at least once in their life?

My brother sent me a message this morning #Halloweenfail #thismademymorning #onetwothreehahaha @rybred24

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