12 Things Only Moms of Girls Can Understand

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While I may not know the first thing about being a boy mom, I know pretty much everything there is to know about being a girl mom. My husband and I have three of them.

Having three girls was a dream come true for me. I had wanted girls for as long as I had wanted children. But for my husband? A man who has 2 brothers and a multitude of boy cousins, this girl thing was a whole new world for him. But he’s handled it even better than I ever imagined he would and all three of those girls have him wrapped around their finger.

As the proud mama of three daughters, I’d like to share a few things that girl moms understand. I know you other girl mamas will know just what I am talking about.

12 Things Only Moms of Girls Can Understand:

1. You are tempted to spend every dime you earn on clothes.

This is especially true when they are little. Baby girl clothes are the most adorable things on the planet. I remember strolling by the baby boys clothes and feeling slightly sorry for the baby boy moms because, while their clothes are cute, they don’t compare to girl clothes.

2. Your home looks like a glitter bomb went off inside.

I had no idea so much glitter existed until I had girls. And that stuff gets all over everything. Nothing is safe. Not even my poor husband’s clothing or the dog.

3. There is crying. And a lot of it.

Girls tend to be very emotional beings which means there will be a lot of tears. They get their feelings hurt and the tears begin to roll. They fall down on the playground, the tears roll again. They get a bad grade, you guessed it, tears. I’m not really sure when or if they grow out of this stage. I have a 20-year-old who still cries when she’s frustrated.

4. Hair is very important. And kind of like glitter.

This is where I am very envious of boy moms. Boy hair is easy, girl hair is not. Girls aren’t usually happy with wearing their hair straight down. No, instead, they prefer braids, ponytails, side buns, bows, beads, headbands and anything else they can think of to go in their hair. And when I say it is kind of like glitter, what I really mean is that is just like glitter only worse. If you have girls with long hair, you know just what I am talking about. It. Is. Everywhere. And it multiplies.

5. You find your shoes in random places.

From the time girls begin to walk, they will start stealing your shoes. And they never put them back. Never. Not even when they are 15 years old. Not when they are 20. Never.

6. You watch an unnatural amount of princess movies.

If someone asked me to repeat Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, or Frozen word for word, I could get close. Very, very close. I haven’t sat through hours of these movies with just one daughter, I’ve watched them with all three.

7. You never know what they are going to like from day to day.

One day they are into princesses, the next day it’s superheroes. One day they love chicken noodle soup, the next, they hate it. It keeps life very interesting to say the least. This too, gets worse with age as you begin to try to keep up with who their friends are or aren’t or are.

8. Your heart aches when theirs does.

If someone breaks your baby girl’s heart, your heart aches as much (maybe more!) as their heart does. Also, one should never underestimate mama bear. I may be able to say my daughter is disrespectful, but no one else can.

9. Your grocery bill will be through the roof.

This also made the list of things only a boy mom knows, but I can tell you this applies to girls as well. I will never forget the first girl slumber party one of the girls had. My husband and I were planning the food. He was grossly underestimating everything and after I corrected him for the third or fourth time, he was exasperated. He finally said, “there is no way a group of 10-year-old girls is going to eat this much food. Girls don’t eat at parties.” It finally dawned on me that the only time he saw girls at parties was when boys were present. And he was right. Girls don’t eat at those parties. But an all-girl slumber party? May as well rename it an eating contest. Needless to say, he was thoroughly impressed at the amount of food those girls ate.

10. You can’t always shop for them.

Once they hit a certain age, they will no longer like anything you pick for them. Nothing. And you can’t take it personal because there are some days even they don’t know what they like.

11. Mood swings.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking these happen only during the teen years, because that’s just not true. Granted, they get worse during those years (hello, PMS) but girls of all ages will have mood swings. Even a two-year-old can go from thinking you are the greatest to thinking you are the worst and back to the best more quickly than you can say Miranda Lambert.

12. That moody little hot mess will melt your heart.

At the end of the day, that sweet little girl will have your heart when she bats those eyelashes, throws her arms around your neck and tells you she loves you. Those days become fewer as they grow older, but they are replaced with days of true friendship. And what better friends could a mama have than her own daughters?

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