12 Things You Can Do With Coffee (Other Than Drink It)

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Sure, coffee is good for drinking (the best actually), but did you know that the almighty coffee bean can be used for all kinds of things? From spicing up your food to repelling insects to cleaning up the kitchen, coffee is much more than just an early morning addiction.

12 Things You Can Do With Coffee Besides Drink It:

1. Add flavor to your steak.

Use coffee grounds in your dry rubs to give your steak a smoky flavor.

2. Make homemade insect repellent.

A lot of bugs, like ants and mosquitoes, don’t like the smell of coffee. Try sprinkling coffee grounds in areas of your house where you’re trying to repel bugs. Or, if you don’t mind looking like you just rolled around in the mud, you can cover yourself in a light coat of grounds.

3. Use it on your sidewalks in the winter.

Instead of using salt, you can use coffee grounds to get more traction on icy sidewalks.

4. Make your own air freshener.

Putting coffee grounds in a breathable fabric container can absorb odors in the air or in your refrigerator.

5. Make DIY wood stain.

Brew a pot of coffee and then, instead of throwing the coffee grounds away, pour them back into the coffee. Use the mixture to coat untreated wood.

6. Exfoliate your skin.

Use coffee grounds instead of chemical-infused face wash to exfoliate your skin.

7. Use coffee grounds to scrub pots and pans.

Coffee grounds have sharp edges which can cut through grease and grime on pots and pans. They also soak up grease.

8. Add spice to your chili.

Just like steak, adding a little bit of coffee grounds to your chili can add nice flavor and spice.

9. Get rid of your bad breath.

Even though it seems unlikely, sucking on a whole coffee bean can get rid of mouth odor.

10. Clean out your garbage disposal.

Pouring coffee ground down your garbage disposal while it’s running can help sharpen the blades and make it run faster.

11. Protect your dogs from fleas.

Instead of using harsh chemicals on your dog’s skin to protect it from fleas, rub damp coffee grounds on its skin to repel fleas naturally.

12. Rid your house of roaches.

While many insects are repelled by the smell of coffee, roaches are attracted to it. You can make your own roach trap by putting damp coffee grounds in a jar and lining it with double-sided tape.

Image Source: BigStock