12 Types of Mothers-In-Law

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When you first get married one of the largest concerns is the in-laws. If you are a woman, you are likely very concerned with your mother-in-law. Will she like me? Will she accept me or is she still hung up on my husband’s former girlfriend? These questions leave you in a panic as you tackle the newlywed life with their child. Probably her baby boy– her golden child.

Getting along with the MIL is an important aspect of any marriage. Some of us hit the jackpot, while others? Well, not so much. Which leaves us with this notion; there are several different types of mothers-in-law. See if you can recognize yours.

12 Types of Mothers-in-Law:

1. The Jealous MIL

She didn’t gain a daughter, she lost her son and she’s not happy about it. You’ll have a hard time winning this one over. But if you do, consider a huge victory for brides everywhere.

2. The “I know what is better for your kids” MIL

They do not know or believe in the of silliness one piece of candy per day, vegan diets, gluten-free meals, no TV or timeouts. They consider them unnecessary modern trends, especially since your spouse grew up just fine.

3. The OCD Mother-in-Law

If your mother-in-laws has amazing culinary skills or cleaning OCD, you are in trouble. They are the worst peer pressuring type. It’s embarrassing when they make unannounced visits and you have to cook one of your average meals for them or they see a chaotic house, piles of unfolded laundry, messy beds and countless plates and pans to be washed. If she’s OCD enough, she just may clean your house for you.

4. The Needy One

She wants you to call her, if not daily, then for every single occasion. You must call her before she travels, while she’s on her trip, when she is back the minute the plane lands, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, her birthday, your birthday, when she is sick and then when she’s better, when she has a fight with her sister, when it’s cold or hot, when her second cousin’s best friend’s daughter meets a guy. You get the point.

5. The Nosy MIL

She is the type who wants to know every single thing about your daily routine. She needs to know who pays for the groceries, if her son stays out late, if you are wasting money on designer bags and why you aren’t pregnant yet.

6. The One Who Can’t Pronounce Your Name

She can’t pronounce your name so she just calls you John’s wife. You’ve only been married for 7 years. No big deal.

7. The Out-doer

She nursed her children until they were 9. Her children were already reading novels at 4. She fed her family organic fruits and vegetables. Her children never ate candy. She didn’t even need an epidural during her 87- hour labor.

8. The Political Activist MIL

The only topics safe with this one are casseroles and gardens. (and not all the time!)

9. The Wild MIL

She curses in front of the kids, especially when she’s throwing back shots of tequila. Plus, she likes to wear miniskirts and high-heeled boots, to church.

10. The Mother-in-Law Barbie

She’s had so much plastic surgery, she expects people to ask if you are her sister.

11. The Country Club Mother-in-Law

She’s high society and doesn’t let you forget it. She does buy the kids nice Christmas gifts, so you can’t complain too much.

12. The Jackpot MIL

She’s kind and supportive of you and your family. She’s caring but not too nosy. She loves your children and treats you all with respect. Congratulations if this the mother-in-law you got!

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