13 Painted Pumpkin Ideas For People Who Hate Pumpkin Carving

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Every year as fall rolls around, I have high aspirations to carve an amazing, intricate pumpkin and every year I find myself giving up mid-project because, as it turns out, I just don’t have what it takes to be a great pumpkin carver. It also turns out that I just hate carving pumpkins. It’s hard, time consuming, and to be honest, I’m only really in it for the roasted pumpkin seeds.

Enter: Painted pumpkins. They’re perfect for people like me who can’t carve a pumpkin without wanting to gouge their eyes out with the carving tools. Set them out on your front porch or keep them indoors for a festive pop–the choice is yours!

Here Are 13 Ideas For Painted Pumpkins:

1. Simple and elegant

Grab a mixture of black, grey and metallic-hued paint to create a spooky, minimalistic look!

2. Black and white

These are equal parts classy and simple.

3. Words and sayings

Grab a paint pen or a paint brush and write out some fall sayings or quotes!

4. Donuts!!

Seriously SO cute! You can grab the small pumpkins and make these in several colors!

5. Floral perfection

Paint something vibrant and colorful on your pumpkin if you’ve got a neutral space. Look how it pops!

6. Constellation pumpkin

Can you find the little dipper?

7. Gypsy pumpkin

This screams boho chic! Get paint in your favorite jewel tones (and don’t forget the glitter)!

8. Front porch welcome

This one would be especially perfect for newlyweds!

9. Galaxy pumpkin

It’s so dreamy!

10. Always watching

Okay, this one’s kind of freaky, but I guess that’s the point of Halloween!

11. Pumpkin-ception

It’s a pumpkin on a pumpkin!

12. Mix and match

It’s almost like an optical illusion.

13. Emoji pumpkins

When in doubt, Emoji it out.