14 People You Will See At The Gym

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You’ve made the honorable effort of getting yourself to the gym. But little do you know, the battle has really only just begun. The gym has its own sub-species of people and while it’s fun seeing these people in their natural habitat, they are more than annoying.

14 People You Will See At The Gym: 

1. The Drama Queen

Not only does she have on a full face of makeup on, she sighs heavily with every bit of effort she gives.

2. The Know-it-All

This person is giving weight-lifting, cardio and weight-loss tips to everyone in the gym, whether they want them or not.

3. The Multi-Tasker

Scheduling appointments, taking calls from the office or even taking a conference call, this person really should have just stayed at work.

4. The Selfie Taker

Seriously? We get that the place is lined with mirrors, but can’t you save the 42 selfies for home?

5. The Person Training for a Marathon on a Treadmill

Not only are hogging a treadmill for nearly two hours, their shorts are basically micro-shorts.

6. The Spoiled Brat

You know the one. They guy or gal who doesn’t pick up after themselves leaving their weights scattered everywhere.

7. The Heavy Sweater

Ewwwww…..they leave sweat everywhere they go and on every machine they touch. And they never wipe it off.

8. The Creeper

This guy always manages to position himself with a full-on view of the inner-thigh machine.

9. The DJ

We can hear your music and it’s annoying.

10. The Person Doing The Weird Stretching Routine

They are in their own little world, doing their own thing. But it’s just weird. Please save this for home.

11. The Gym Couple

They work out together and kiss between sets while wearing matching outfits. They also use each other as weights which is making everyone very uncomfortable.

12. The Amateur

This person is actually quite entertaining to watch. They have no idea how to use any of the machines but refuse to ask anyone for help. (where is the know-it-all when you need them?)

13. The Exhibitionist

This person has no shame in the locker room and walks all over the place without their clothes after they shower.

14. The Class Attender

They stay for three hours of classes, every single day. Do they not have anything better to do?

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