17 Signs You Are a Control Freak

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Let’s face it, there is a little bit of a control freak in all of us. But when you find yourself constantly frustrated by how others do something, especially if it’s not the same way you do it, you may be a control freak. Just because you make your biscuits and gravy with extra-spicy sausage, doesn’t mean everyone has to do it that way.

Don’t get us wrong, we totally understand that control freaks are necessary to make the world go around. Without their get-it-done mentality, a whole lot of stuff would go undone!

17 Signs You Are a Control Freak: 

1. You live by, “if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.”

2. You have to feel in control at all times. Like, 100 percent of the time.

3. When your friend announces she’s driving everyone to the Blake Shelton concert, you cringe. You should be in control of the car, where you are stopping and where you are parking.

4. You believe you know what’s best for your best friend. This includes boyfriends, food, jobs, car, makeup and maybe even the kind of phone she needs.



5. You are a bad listener and don’t listen to the other side of the story. There is no need because you are right anyway.

6. You’re a workaholic. But you don’t mind, someone’s got to do it and….refer to #1.

7. You get frustrated when people don’t understand your need for complete organization. Is it really wrong to have your pantry color coded?

8. And you are jealous when someone is a little more organized than you. (which doesn’t happen very often!)

9. You set unrealistic expectations for yourself. Face it, you probably aren’t going to graduate from college in 2.5 years and be the CEO of a major corporation by age 27.

10. You are difficult to please. Everyone else thinks the latest Luke Bryan video is awesome, but you pick it apart.

11. You are hurt when your friends choose the restaurant without consulting you first. After all, you know all the places with the best service, best food and the best cleanliness.

12. You are terrible at delegating and would rather “suffer in silence” than to ask for anyone’s help. (refer to #1, again,)

13. Of course, the help would be sub-par so it’s not worth it anyway.

14. When you make plans and someone wants to deviate from the plan, you can’t handle it and your day is pretty much ruined.



15. When you go on vacation, you have everything planned out. Everything. (which makes it kind of not fun anymore.)

16. You do not understand the need for group projects. Why invite a group when you are just going to do it all anyway?

17. You love checklists and spreadsheets and you can’t understand why the rest of the world doesn’t use them for everything.

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