20 Pinterest Cake Fails That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

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Pinterest is great, but it tends to give people incredibly unreal expectations about what they are capable of. Scrolling through Pinterest a few times doesn’t mean that you can suddenly knit, paint portraits, build your own bed frame, make their own soap and decorate their own cakes.

Let the bakers do their job, okay?

20 Pinterest Cake Fails That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud:

1. The saddest episode of “Sesame Street” you’ve ever seen.


Image Source: @eeredman


2. All the elements are there, but…


Image Source: @pinterest_fails23


3. I don’t want to be save by this Spider Man’s web.


??? My nephew’s birthday cake. #nailedit #pinterestfails

A photo posted by The Eager Teacher (@theeagerteacher) on


Image Source: @misseager


4. “Can you guess which one is ours?”

Today at work we tried to make a watermelon cake. Can you guess which one is ours? @mayalation

A photo posted by @todddakotah on


Image Source: @odddakotah


5. The creepiest caterpillar I’ve ever seen.

Just look at those eyes. 

Nailed it! BAHAHAHAHAHA! #nailedIt

A photo posted by millenchicky (@millenchicky) on


Image Source: @millenchicky


6. Happy 4th?

?? Nailed it. ? I don’t understand how I ended up being a #PinterestFail but the picture doesn’t lie.

A photo posted by Katelyn Holm (@katelynholm) on


Image Source: @katelynholm


7. #NeverAgain

#pinterestfails #happybdayjudy #neveragain @leannaparent @judypeat28outlookcom

A photo posted by Sarah Vickers (@sarahvickers12) on


Image Source: @sarahvickers12


8. Well, they actually kind of ended up looking like what you were going for.

If you catch my drift.


Image Source: @jcsuite


9. #GoHomePinterestYou’reDrunk


Image Source: @pinstrosities


10. Oh, that’s just bad.

No more bad news Need to laugh! #Pinterest EPIC #PinterestFails . #LMAO

A photo posted by Tiffany Copon (@mztcopon) on


Image Source: @mztcopon


11. Okay, this takes the cake (haha) for best worst cake ever.


Image Source: @pinstrosities




Image Source: @pinstrosities


13. Who puts carrots on their cake?

I’m not trying to be healthy when I’m eating cake, okay?


Image Source: @pinstrosities


14. This looks like Cinderella’s carriage after the clock struck midnight.

Well it’s the thought that counts ??? #pinterestfail #itried

A photo posted by Kathy Arellano (@kath_yyy) on


Image Source: @kath_yyy


15. It was going well until the eyes.

When you want to see if it’s REALLY worth hiring a bakery…and you find out it is. #pinterestfail

A photo posted by Sarah Zimmermann (@sazimm12) on


Image Source: @sazimm12


16. Yeah… No.


Image Source: @bebury


17. #Don’tJudgeMe


Image Source: @sillybunny17


18. Did you even look at the picture?


Image Source: @llluna13


19. This is so bad it’s good.


Image Source: @tiffrubyslippers


20. RIP Little Mermaid.


Image Source: @pinterest_fails23

Image Source: Instagram