25 Ways to Keep Southern Charm in Your Life No Matter Where You Live

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If you were raised in the South you know it is a childhood of a magical existence. There is nothing quite like it the long hours of playing outdoors with mosquitos as big as your hand and humidity as thick as your mama’s cornbread. But, no matter how bad those things may sound, we wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s always a sad day when a new job or relationship takes us to other regions of this great country. And while a Southerner is always happy where they are, there will always be a longing in their heart for the South because those Southern roots run deep, y’all!

If you are one of the most unfortunate souls who has moved away from the South, (bless your heart!) here are several ways you can keep that Southern charm in life:


1. Keep a pitcher of sweet tea in the fridge.

If you’re originally from the South, nothing will make you feel like you’re in your mama’s kitchen than opening the fridge and seeing some delicious sweet tea!

2. Soup Beans.

Another southern culinary staple, beans are the backbone of the Southern diet! Anything goes well with them: cornbread, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, loaf bread, the list goes on! Just make sure you cook it with some salt pork and a whole lot of love!

3. Keep a garden.

Even in the tiniest apartment, there is room for some sort of growing greenery. You can grow herbs, tomatoes and strawberries in hanging planters inside! Not to mention the gorgeous colors will add a pop to your kitchen!

4. Southern meal night.

Have this once a month as an homage to everything you would eat at home. Biscuits, gravy, fried chicken, pork chops, and greens can immediately transport you to the South.

5.  Find a local cafe or diner that serves Southern cuisine.

Find a local restaurant that serves the classic comfort food dishes you find yourself craving when you move away. It will be so nice to go somewhere that has the atmosphere and charm of back home without the cost of a plane ticket!


6. SEC college football.

Everyone knows that the favorite pastime of the South is college football and keeping up with your favorite teams is the best way to abate the homesickness!

7. Sports trivia night.

There are tons of sports-themed trivia nights everywhere!

8. Join a softball league.

Although this isn’t just a thing in the South, many Southerners grew up playing competitive sports. This is a great way to recapture that.

9. Kickball.

If softball isn’t your thing, there are tons of adult kickball leagues all over the country!

10. Connect with your college alumni association.

The best way to find people who will undoubtedly remind you of home, contact your college’s alumnus association and see if there is a chapter near your new home!


11. Write thank you notes.

No one will be more impressed with your Southern home-training than when they receive a handwritten thank you note!

12. Open/hold doors for others.

This one is really self-explanatory. Southern manners, they are a thing.

13. Keep on waving.

Remember when you were a kid and your mom would wave to everyone that met her eye in the car or when someone would let you in during rush hour? Keep doing that. You’ll make someone’s day.

14.  Keep saying ma’am and sir.

This is a great way to not only show off your Southern roots, but impress everyone with your respectful nature.

15.  Smile and say hello.

I make a game out of how many people I can smile at when I go to the grocery store. Southern charm is all about friendliness and openness and you’ll definitely brighten someone’s day with your gorgeous smile!


16. Porch swing.

If you are lucky enough to have a balcony in your apartment or a porch at your house, a porch swing is a must! How else are you supposed to sip your sweet tea? In a regular chair?

17. Monogram everything.

Monogrammed towels are pretty commonplace countrywide, but Southerners are known for monogramming everything! From t-shirts to backpacks and wall decals to paintings, there is nothing that you can’t monogram. Southerners have even been known to monogram their boots!

18. Etsy.

Etsy is a transplanted Southern girls dream! Just a quick search of Southern décor will give you over 8,000 results! There is something for everyone to love.

19. Mason jars.

These are the most versatile part of your Southern arsenal! You can make everything from candles to a bathroom organizer easily. If you’re short on ideas click here. f

20.  Reclaimed barn wood.

For the ultimate rustic touch to any home, just add wood accents. You can add wooden picture frames, candle holders and more to achieve the look.


21. Y’all.

Everyone wants to be a y’all! People who were raised outside of the South also think it’s so charming.

22. Speaking respectfully.

Everyone knows that Southerners were raised with a sense of respect for our elders and our peers. Share the love with your new city and keep the respect going!

23. Buggy.

You might get a few confused stares if you ask someone to “grab a buggy” at the grocery store, but buggy is so adorable sounding. Shopping cart just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

24. Lightning bugs.

Don’t ever let them convince you it’s a firefly!

25. Bless your heart.

No one knows what this means now that you’ve moved! You get a free pass to say this to everyone.


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